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21 Jan 2016, 11:26

How do you know your ESD Flooring is working?

The purpose of ESD protective flooring is to aid in the prevention of damage to ESD sensitive items (ESDS) and assemblies from electrostatic discharge.

ESD protected area products should be tested:

  1. Prior to installation to qualify product for listing in user's ESD control plan.
  2. During initial installation.
  3. For periodic checks of installed products as part of IEC 61340-5-1 Edition 1 2007-08 clause 5.2.3 Compliance verification plan.









Testing the flooring in an ESD protected area

When floors get dirty, their floor resistance can increase. Therefore it is recommended to check ESD flooring regularly using a resistance checker. Vermason Surface Resistance Meters are designed to measure resistance point-to-point (Rp-p) or surface to ground (Rg) in accordance with EN 61340-5-1 Electrostatics and its test method IEC 61340-2-3.

Overview of available Surface Resistance Testers from Vermason:


Desco Europe is the newest brand in the Desco Industries family, consolidating our two previous UK-based brands, Charleswater and Vermason. Desco Europe sells the full range of DII products, manufactured in our facilities in the USA and UK, servicing the European market via trained distributors who will sell the Desco Europe value package and complete ESD solution to all ESD users in their territory, leading with hi-end solutions that mark us out from the competition.

21 Jan 2016, 11:26