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How can a Barbie STEM kit teach my daughter about engineering?

I am a 32-year-old tech lover, self-confessed geek and football fanatic! When I am not playing with the latest gadget you will often find me watching my favourite TV shows including Game of Thrones, Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @robbiedunion or Twitter @robbiedunion

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August 1, 2016 18:18

Yes Dave it's true! I obviously couldn't make the shoe rack myself and needed help.

Thanks workshopshed I had never seen GoldieBlox before, but have now just ordered a kit for my daughter. GoldieBlox and the spinning machine was the choice.

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August 1, 2016 17:17

Is it true that you only asked for her help as you were struggling!! HeHe

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August 1, 2016 16:37

I used to love chromatography as a kid, will definitely get some of that setup for my daughter.
What do you think of the GoldieBlox kits?

August 1, 2016 16:35

A thought: cake baking == chemistry

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