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I am a 32-year-old tech lover, self-confessed geek and football fanatic! When I am not playing with the latest gadget you will often find me watching my favourite TV shows including Game of Thrones, Young Sheldon and The Big Bang Theory. Feel free to follow me on Instagram @robbiedunion or Twitter @robbiedunion

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45895 / 46000 xp
Member since September 2015
DS Team member Earned 04/01/2018
Community spirit 50 Earned 29/05/2020
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Author 25 Earned 03/01/2018
All star profile Earned 03/01/2018
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User support Recognised for helping others in our Support Centre.
Survey Earned 17/03/2020
Project Earned 04/04/2018
LeakKiller Challenge Winner Earned 04/04/2018
Hackaday Ireland Earned 06/04/2018
RS Partner Day Earned 06/04/2018
BrightSparks 2018 Earned 08/05/2018
Wuthering Bytes 2019 Earned 30/08/2019
What's New In Electronics 2019 Earned 09/09/2019

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