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High performance SDR radio receiver add-on for Raspberry Pi 3

Design, marketing and business background in semiconductors (including Texas Instruments and CSR), then co-founder and now sales and marketing director at SDRplay Ltd.


February 13, 2019 16:07

I just purchased a Raspberry Pi 3 B+ and would love to be able to connect my SDRuno to it so I appreciate this article. I wonder if it would be possible to interface my Icom IC-7300 the same way others have done using a PC?


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July 6, 2017 07:46

Agreed :-)

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[Comment was deleted]

July 6, 2017 07:53

May I suggest use of correct abbreviations, such as for frequencies, i.e., Hz, kHz, MHz, and GHz in all applications and documentation. KHz, for example, represents a nonsensical combination of units (Kelvin-Hertz), Mhz is meaningless (what is hz? The abbreviation for Hertz begins with a capital letter as is customary for all SI units abbreviated from someone's name), etc. For multipliers, k = kilo, M = mega, G = giga, etc.

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