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HARTING preLink Connector System in Railway Applications

The preLink® system from HARTING is an innovative way to create networking infrastructure quickly and easily, even in challenging applications.  HARTING has looked at how this clever little connector can be used in the demanding arena of railway rolling stock.


The preLink® system and Ha-VIS EtherRail® cables specially configured for railway requirements allow the construction of reliable and future-proof data networks for railway technology. Today, passenger information systems that transmit audio and video signals represent standard equipment on most trains and increasing numbers of travellers are expecting to find a high-end infotainment system with internet access. All of this presents rail operators with the need to increase transmission capacity and adapt existing rolling stock to the changes in user requirements. The preLink® installation system and Ha-VIS EtherRail® cables specially configured for railway requirements allow these future-oriented data networks to be quickly and reliably set up and installed. The fundamental idea behind the preLink® technology is the separation of the cable connection and the mating face. At its core is a cable terminal block in which the stranded wires are inserted separately. The assembly process is completed with pliers that ensure reliable results.

The small size of the contact block means that the data cables can be prepared ready for use outside of the car and then installed. The Ha-VIS preLink® terminal block can then be fitted to any of the various Ha-VIS preLink® mating faces depending on the network device to which it is to be connected. RJ45 and M12 D- or X-coded connectors in protection classes IP20 and IP65/67 are all possible options. This uniquely varied range of mating faces with the same connection technology cuts planning and warehousing costs as well as the installation time and the error rate. Particularly given the long periods of use in railway technology, these products offer a high level of flexibility and a safe investment.

The preLink system is available to buy now from RS Components.


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