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GSS and Wireless Technology

Ever since the ’80s, wireless technology has been allowing us to communicate remotely. Rewind back just 30 years ago and we are introduced to 1G, also known as Analog Cellular. 1G standards had its constraints as it was limited to a country level and focused only on providing voice services to its users.

Over the years, we have seen wireless technology improve, offering its users more and more benefits:


Provided both voice and very limited data capabilities (SMS). This was the first “nearly” global standard.


Introduced mobile video – although initially sold as a more efficient way to provide voice services.


4G acknowledged the need for low power IoT networks with the introduction of Narrow Band IoT (NB-IoT) and LTE-M (also known as CAT-M1) profiles.  


Is expected to bring us networks that can be configured for different applications whether they are low latency, high bandwidth, high mobility etc., but not necessarily all at the same time.


Predicted to integrate terrestrial and satellite wireless technology – providing genuine global coverage at last!

While these advances in wireless technology are profound, they are met with the limitations of power consumption and supply. With so many endpoints now being remotely deployed, low power consumption remains a key objective.

Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) carbon dioxide sensors have become a compelling choice for many companies for a whole host of reasons. Firstly, they feature ultra-low power consumption. Specifically, less than 3.0mW when performing two measurements per second and rapid stabilisation time of less than 2 seconds. These sensors are perfect for battery powered applications. Secondly, GSS sensors are solid state. The absence of fragile parts means they can be applied in tough IoT deployments.

To find out more about GSS carbon dioxide sensors and how they fit in with the advances in wireless technology, check out the GSS website now.

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22 Mar 2019, 11:53