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Fresh Advisors Board Podcast Ep 4: Mental Health and Well-being

The Fresh Advisors Board Podcast - Episode 4!

In Episode 4 members of the FAB15 discuss Mental Health and Well-being.

Mental health struggles are so common and yet such a taboo topic that as young people, we often fail to recognise the signs when we are going through a tough time. In this episode, we are going to hit the hammer on the head and talk about all things mental health and well-being related. Join Elysia, Lukas and Hemi as they share their own experiences and tips to navigate this phase of life.

15 voices, 1000s of choices, and millions of stories. The Fresh Advisors Board (FAB15) is a community of innovative and dynamic young leaders from around the world who have come together to share their insights, knowledge, and collective experiences.

These 15 young people are leaders in their fields and they are here to share the endless possibilities that lie ahead for every young person. Whether you are a high school student confused about which career to choose, a university fresher or apprentice unsure about how to build your skill set, or a recent graduate figuring out your place in this world… this podcast is FOR YOU!

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