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Design Service provider Embedism is located in London, UK

Embedism have previously worked in a number of industries including Wireless and Radio Technologies inc. Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), Bluetooth classic for audio, Nordic nRF52, ISM band (433 and 868 MHz).

Communication Technologies inc.BLE, WiFi, ISM band radio, Ethernetand RFID and NFC.

Human Interfaces inc. Full colour TFT screens, Single colour OLED screens, Buttons, rotary encoders, potentiometers, and other electromechanical inputs, Capacitive touch, Simple audio output: warning sounds, alarms, buzzers, Full-range audio output: pre-recorded sound, music, text-to-speech, Low-cost audio solutions, Haptic engines

Sensing inc. Environmental sensing: temperature, humidity, pressure, High pressure, Distance ranging, Heart rate

Specific Firmware Techniques inc. Filter design, Audio processing, Video processing, Data serialisation, Bare-metal implementation, RTOS and Building on existing code

Commonly Used Microcontrollers inc. Capable of working across all Cortex M series ARM cores, Single and Multi-core, STM32: ARM Cortex M0, M0+, M4, M7, NXP, Atmel: AVR and ARM Cortex M0+, Texas Instruments: MSP430 - super low powerand Nordic: nRF52

Digital Technologies: inc. I2C and TWI, SPI, I2S, UART, RS232, Ethernet, One wire interfaces, High frequency digital interfaces , Video interfaces, USB 1.0, USB 2.0, USB 3.0

Analogue Technologies inc. Miniature audio amplifiers, Op-amp circuit design, Filter design

Power inc. Battery powered devices, Low voltage devices, Mains powered devices (utilising pre-certified power supply modules), USB powered devices, including USB C, Power Over Ethernet (POE), injection and IEEE 802.3at-2009 compliant, Power path management

In House Mechanical Manufacturing inc. Dual extrusion 3D printing, Single extrusion 3D printing, Plastic and wood laser cutting, Laser engraving, Drilling, sanding, and general mechanical finishing

In House Electronic Manufacturing inc. Microsoldering, Small-scale reflow, Hot air rework, Hand component placement, Control panel wiring, Common IDC and JST cable crimping and Programming jig builds

We have built products from client prototypes based on STM32 Nucleo, STM32 Discovery, Arduino, Adafruit Feather, Teensy (PJRC) for such companies as Njori, Immi Health, Infi-Tex, Vestemi, My_SmartBottle, WASE

Providing a number of services including Product ideation, startup product design, prototyping, electronic design, firmware design, design for manufacture, integration of electronics with mechanical casings but have also provided additional services including: Certification assistance, PCB manufacture and data preparation, 3D printing, laser cutting, short-run manufacturing

Embedism is an electronics and firmware consultancy based in London. Our focus is bringing your ideas to life through a flexible and affordable engineering approach.

Embedism provides affordable engineering and professional prototyping services to SMEs and individuals looking to develop products across a broad range of categories. We build IOT, wearable, domestic, consumer, and light industrial electronics. We write firmware for BLE, low power, sensing, DSP, audio and video.

Embedism’s Mission: Affordable professional prototyping, electronics, and embedded firmware development.

Embedism provides affordable engineering services to individuals and companies looking for professional prototypes and short-run production.

Our goal is to lower the barrier to entering the amazing world of hardware by offering fair pricing, industry-insider knowledge, and project structures that give you useful output at every stage. We do this by operating with low overheads, enthusiasm, and experienced, well-connected engineers.

Embedism operates lean. Really lean. By operating with extremely low overheads we can pass on the savings to you and offer you the best engineering services possible at an incredibly low price.

We understand the money and time can be in short supply for a startup so we always provide useful project outputs at every stage of work. This could take the shape of a quick prototype that allows you to secure more investment, or some software that allows you to iterate on your ideas quickly. We will work with you to establish what you are trying to achieve and tailor our work to that.

We have all been involved with consumer hardware since the start of our careers and have a great contact book that you can tap into. If you are looking to go into mass production, need certification, need a plastics DFM specialist, or need a PR agency, we can point you in the direction of great companies who can help.

Our low overhead business model means that we don’t have lavish company parties (that you would be paying for), so how do we stay enthused? It’s simple, we are obsessive about hardware, we live and breathe hardware. That makes getting up in the morning a breeze as we know we will love the challenges you throw at us.

We’ve worked with a variety of hardware so we know what mistakes to avoid. Tap in to our deep knowledge of a huge range of platforms so you can get the hardware that you really need much earlier during your product’s development.

Languages spoken include: English and geographies covered include UK

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Telephone: 442032907314

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