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CERTS and Cloud environments

Good day.  We are doing some research on EDAs and I have two very specific questions about your software.
1)  Is it currently certified to be used on DOD networks?  Specifically US Air Force
2)  Can it operate in an isolated cloud environment.  We help the military with their "secure" cloud.  Will you software work here.  We have both AZURE and AWS environments.  
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August 31, 2019 19:27

Hi JonSmedley,

Thanks for your questions.
1. There is no special certification supplied with DSE for government usage. It is a free-to-use software which can operate offline with only a licence token that needs to fetched once & refreshed periodically from our online DesignSpark server. The design/projects created in the software are owned by the end user, stored on their local machine and can only be shared at the user's own discretion.

2. Repeating the above point, DSE needs to connect to a DesignSpark server endpoint to retrieve its licence once after installation. Thereafter, the licence is validated every 30 days by connecting securely to our DesignSpark server. If a user is unable to go online after 30 days, the software will be inaccessible until the next time they are online.

If you are considering a fully offline tool and a wider set of functionality, you may want to reach out to the developer of DSE for their paid CAD offer:

Kind regards,

DesignSpark Support

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