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Unboxing the Maxim DS28E18EVKIT

In the video below, I take a look at what you get with the Maxim Integrated DS28E18 evaluation kit (214-9132)

Maxim Integrated DS28E18 Evaluation Kit

Maxim Integrated DS28E18 1-Wire® to I2C/SPI Bridge allows a sensor to be controlled by two wires from a master. Maxim’s 1-Wire protocol combines power and signal on a single wire and is driven by the programmable I/O pins of a host microcontroller.

The Evaluation Kit provides hardware and software for evaluating the DS28E18 1-Wire®-to-I2C/SPI bridge with a command sequencer, from your PC.

The Maxim Integrated DS28E18EVKIT includes a DS9481P-300# USB-to-1-Wire adapter that connects to a PC, a DS28E18 EV kit board, a DS7505 temperature sensor peripheral module and a MAX31722 temperature sensor peripheral module board.

For more information on the Maxim Integrated DS28E18 1-Wire® to I2C/SPI Bridge, see our Ask the Expert interview.

Mark completed his Electronic Engineering degree in 1991 and worked in real-time digital signal processing applications engineering for a number of years, before moving into technical marketing.
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