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Ask the Expert - Maxim Integrated DS28E18 1-Wire® to I2C/SPI Bridge

After viewing Redstone's unboxing video for the DS28E18 1-Wire® to I2C/SPI Bridge Evaluation Kit, a DesignSpark member requested if we could do an Ask the Expert interview to learn more about this device from Maxim Integrated. We put the request to Maxim and they were happy to support us.

Joining us for this special product-focused edition is Stewart Merkel from Maxim Integrated.

Stewart has been an Applications Engineer at Maxim Integrated for over ten years. He is skilled in integrating 1-Wire products and hardware security into embedded systems. Prior to joining Maxim, Stewart was focused on telecommunications equipment while working at Odin Telesystems and Raytheon. He holds a B.S. degree in electrical engineering from Binghamton University in New York.

Questions on the DS28E18 1-Wire® to I2C/SPI Bridge Device.

  1. You supply the kit with 2 PMOD temperature sensors. Can I use the kit with any standard PMOD that has an SPI or I2C interface? Answer
  2. What is the furthest distance you have been able to get reliable communications at each data transmission rate? Answer
  3. Can you give me a couple of real-life use cases, especially if there are any interesting ones out there? Answer
  4. Can you connect several I2C slaves to one DS28E18 I2C bus? Answer
  5. Can an I2C slave with the same I2C address be on the same 1-Wire bus? Answer
  6. What type of wire do you recommend for a long 1-Wire bus? Answer
  7. Does DS28E18 source 10mA’s all the time to I2C/SPI slaves? Answer
  8. Does Maxim have a reference design? Answer
  9. Is mixing of SPI and I2C slaves allowed on the same 1-Wire bus? Answer
  10. What use-case for 1-Wire? Answer
  11. Is there long-term support in place for the DS28E18 device? Answer

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Link to: Maxim Integrated

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