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Do you need a smaller solution to protect your electronics?



With the increasing requirement for higher performance and the shrinking size of electronics, the susceptibility to damage from lightning and other transients increases. The challenge for circuit designers is to create smaller and more robust protection devices while providing the same level of protection and reliability to next generation equipment.

Bourns a leader in Gas Discharge Tube (GDT) technology have developed an innovative FLAT™ GDT technology that significantly reduces the size of a conventional GDT protection device while maintaining strong performance.

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The innovative FLAT™ GDT design maintains a wrinkled length of insulating pathway for any creeping current.  This key feature provides the opportunity to squeeze the component in the axial direction, thus shrinking its height and overall volume. By a squeezing the GDT into a Bourns® FLAT™ technology configuration, the height, weight and overall volume is significantly reduced.


Bourns® FLAT™ technology allows for space –saving bottom side PCB mounting as well as vertical mounting offering a significant increase in the number of GDT’s that can be mounted in the same space as a conventional GDT.





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