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PCB Software Support FAQs

You might be considering getting DesignSpark PCB software or you may already have it installed. Either way, our handy FAQs page is here to help you.

We've compiled a set of commonly asked questions with detailed answers from our experts. From the basics that cover how the software operates to more detailed queries, you should be able to find all the information you need.

Our tutorials are a great place to start, but if you need more support, you have lots of resources available to you. You can ask other DesignSpark PCB software users questions over on our forum or raise a ticket with our team.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be online constantly to use DesignSpark PCB?

Yes, it is a requirement of using the software that the user is a DesignSpark member and that the software knows the subscription level of the user to provide the correct funtailaity for their subscription

Therefore on starting the software and for the periodic license checks it is required that the software be online 

Where can I get support with DesignSpark PCB?
What languages is the PCB software available in?

Currently, DesignSpark PCB is available in English only

Can I use PCB software offline?

Yes. Please note that if it has been more than 2 hours since you last closed the software and are re-opening it, you will need to be online for a licence check. After this licence check, you can work offline in the same session.

Will I get patches or updates to my DesignSpark software?

Yes, these will be issued by the developer as and when required.

Where can I obtain the End User Licence Agreement (EULA) for DesignSpark PCB?

Here is a copy of the EULA Download Here

Is DesignSpark PCB software local desktop or cloud-based software?

Our PCB software is desktop-only with a local installation.

There may be some cloud-based tools added to our subscription plans in the future and they would not require any installation (accessed through web browser).

Is there a DesignSpark PCB network licence available for business or educational site use?

No, but this may change in the future. Please look out for announcements via the DesignSpark newsletter and social media.

Is DesignSpark PCB open source and does it have APIs to extend functionality?

No, all our software and tools are closed source. There are currently no public APIs to develop any user extensions/plug-ins.

How do I perform a 'complete' uninstall of DesignSpark PCB?

A 'complete' uninstall means removing all DesignSpark PCB activation data from your computer. This may be helpful if you are facing a serious issue with operating the software or due to a recent hardware change.

The steps are:

  1. Go to 'Programs and features' on your computer and then manually uninstall DesignSpark PCB from there.
  2. Next, search for 'regedit' to open the Windows registry. From here, navigate to the directory HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\DesignSpark and delete the 'DesignSpark PCB' entry.

The above steps will leave your Libraries, Technology Files etc., in your C:\Users\Public\Documents\DesignSpark PCB folder intact. Only remove these if you wish a complete “uninstall”.

WARNING. If you delete the above folder ALL your custom library components and customisations to the Technology files will be deleted and lost.

I have a copy of DSPCB Pro, can I migrate this to one of the paid subscription packages?

At this time, it is not possible.

I have purchased a copy of DesignSpark PCBPro, can I still subscribe to one of the DesignSpark Subscriptions?


When will legacy versions of the DesignSpark Software be switched off? (DSM and DSPCB)

If you are a user of DesignSpark Mechanical versions 5 and below or DesignSpark PCB versions 10 and below, these versions will be switched off on 31st May 2023. Please migrate to one of the DesignSpark plans before end May 2023. DesignSpark Explorer is free, but you can now upgrade to one of our paid plans to enable more features and design resources. Your current design files can be opened in the latest version available within the plans.