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As devices become more compact and more capable, miniaturisation has now become one of the main criteria for designers of many electronic devices.


Increasingly competitive markets dictate the most efficient use of materials and manufacturing processes. At the same time, there should never be any compromise of functionality and quality when specifying electronic components. Medical, hand held and wearable electronics may be relied upon to gather and process data in order to safeguard and preserve life.

The use of miniaturised connectors bring with it a number of particular problems, not least of which is how to terminate the contacts of these tiny products. Our friends at JST have developed a solution for their XSR series of wire-to-board connectors. With a contact pitch of just 0.6mm, the XSR represents world leading technology for insulation displacement, disconnectable, wire to board solutions.

JST has produced a range of pre-terminated assemblies for the XSR series, removing the need for complex and expensive tooling and enabling early adoption of this ground-breaking technology.


With a mounting height of only 1.45mm and a mated depth of 3.0mm, the XSR series is truly a miniature solution for the modern challenges facing engineers. In addition, the XSR series features a new, secure strain relief structure, and is available in 2, 4, 6, 10, 16, 20 and 22 circuits.

The XSR series, including the pre-made, double-ended cable assemblies, are available now from RS Components.


For applications where current rating is as important as miniaturisation, the ACH series from JST offers a crimp style, disconnectable, wire to board solution with a 1.2 mm pitch. Offering a current rating of up to 2A, the ACH series features a mated height of just 1.4 mm combined with a depth of 4.3 mm. Available in 2, 3 and 4 circuits, the ACH series is also available with pre-crimped wire assemblies to get you started quickly without worrying about tooling. The ACH series is available from RS Components.


JST - or Japan Solderless Terminals - are a huge name in the domestic Japanese market and beyond. With a huge product portfolio, they have considerable experience in the Automotive, Aviation, Medical and Electronics Markets.


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