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Integration of Aico smoke alarm with smart home?

Hi please can anyone help with this?  My Aico smokes have an interconnect which sends 8-12v dc signal when activated.  I want to feed this into my Loxone miniserver as a discrete tinput to do things like turn on lights and open external blinds.  The server has 0-24v discrete inputs but 7-10v is undefined and I think the reference voltage is the miniserver 0v which is probably different from the mains neutral (not being an electronics expert, I'm guessing).  So I think what I need is a DIN rail relay which will take the smoke signal and convert to a suitable digital input for the server (switching the same 24v used for the server itself).  Does this sound OK and can you recomend a relay?

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March 17, 2020 09:25

Hi John, Do you have more details of the smoke alarm?
What you can do depends on the current rating of the 8 to 12V output.
It may be that an optocoupler would be better than a relay as the input will only have to power the LED and require a single resistor to set the current and output will be an open collector so can again with a resistor as a pull-up match the server input.

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