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Build a hygienic dispenser using the Barth STG-800

This video shows how to build a simple Hygiene Dispenser using only a few components and the Barth STG-800, RS (134-8863) .

At the heart of the application, the STG-800 lococube® mini-PLC is toggled by triggering a photoelectric sensor which in turn drives a 12V gear pump to deliver the disinfectant. This open-source project also provides the mini-PLC application for free download. The program can easily be changed to suit customers requirements, this allows you to control the flow and amount of disinfection that is delivered during each operation.

How it works:

Once the photoelectric sensor detects an object getting closer, one digital input of the mini-PLC will be toggled high. Now the application runs a time-related delay, this directly drives the gear pump which is connected to the mini-PLCs output for the required time. The gear pump pressurises the disinfectant so that a limited amount can be applied to your hands via the fine nozzle.

To create your own version we have shared all parts and files in the attachments below.

Parts List:

Pos Barth PN
Description Picture
1 0850-0800
Lococube® mini-PLC STG-800 STG-800_11_93172bacafa0b44e2fff3e0c260e6b4ea2751058.jpg
2 0091-0016
Connection Cable VK-16 Cable_1211a02ab14dd3229d3d387982c30540f13b4946.jpg
3 0086-0011 Gear Pump PU-11 12V/1A 1.7bar gear_pump_8555cee9180c9ba1231769522a1cfdd8f914eb31.jpg
4 0126-0003
Baumer OR18 Photoelectric Sensor Diffuse sensor_7ae8ca24ffa2685572dbda08c26914ebc509c7fc.jpg
5 0433-0014
Eu (175-2814)
UK (175-3312)
Plug-In Power Supply 24VDC/750mA PSU_228d3b77fc078dc5702ebc79575f4b626db7a8d4.jpg
6 0091-0038
Connection Cable IFM M12 180° 2m SENSOR_CABLE_966bd9bd0b9a8013c5db9b687ab6e28358ddef7b.jpg
7 0103-0027 Silicone Tube 5/8mm transparent  tube_75bf9e2cfe611d04bd86013f82a6819dd194b0da.jpg

Further information and program files can be found on Barth Electronik

Why not check out the new Barth People Counter, it's available now from RS (201-7846) . Barth designed this to help manage social distancing by effectively monitoring the number of people entering shops, offices and public buildings.


If you'd like to create your own version, the original project is People counter project for covid 19

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