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Oishi Deb awarded £25,000 to develop Machine Learning Programme

Hot on the heels of being named as one of the top 30 electronics engineers under the age of 30 in the UK, as part of the EW BrightSparks Class of 2018, Oishi Deb has been selected by Sky to receive funding and mentorship to turn her tech-focused idea into reality.Sky, the broadcasting giant, had put out a call last year to find three Sky Tech Scholars aged between 18-25 and have selected Oishi Deb alongside fellow young women Kike Oniwinde and Hannah Blair as their successful applicants.

The trio will be working on ideas which are relevant to Sky’s work in news and entertainment, with projects focusing on networking apps, machine learning and virtual reality.

Deb, a software and electronics engineering graduate from the University of Leicester, will be working on her machine learning project alongside her full-time job in software engineering at Rolls-Royce.

The grant has enabled her to pay to do an online course in her spare time, as well as buy things like hardware and software licenses to work on the practical side of things. 

Speaking to the Evening Standard she said: “I didn’t study machine learning at university but I was interested in it because it’s something new and exciting at the moment,” says Deb. “It is completely new for me and I’m really enjoying the learning process. It is a challenge to juggle the two things, but as long as I manage my time wisely I’ll be fine.”

“My technical mentor is a lead data scientist at Sky. She is really knowledgeable in the field and it’s been a great benefit to have someone to consult and ask for advice about my project,”

Oishi Deb: EW BrightSparks Class of 2018

BrightSparks 2019, who will you nominate?

Nominations for BrightSparks 2019 are now open. You can nominate yourself, a colleague, a peer, a student or a talented engineer that has impressed you, as long as they meet the following criteria:  

  • Aged between 16 and 30 (inclusive) by 31st March 2019 
  • Based in the UK 
  • Actively pursuing a career as an electronics engineer, or studying electronics in further or higher education


To enter, simply fill in the entry form on the Electronics Weekly website by following the link above.

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19 Dec 2018, 11:24