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Boost Your Smart Home With TE Connectivity

Over the last decade, there has been a small revolution happening within our homes. It's a kind of revolution that seems more like an evolution. 

Just think about how you interact with your home environment now, and compare that to 10 years ago. As I sit here and write this from the office, I can also communicate with my home many miles away. For example, I can monitor and control its environment, and interact with the devices inside and outside. Connectivity is the key to all that the smart home has to offer. It allows us to control devices, turning them on and off via an app on a smartphone, monitoring the energy consumption of devices and equipment, or having your white goods send out messages to inform you that you may need to consider something, like changing a filter. Yes, connectivity is so important, so with this in mind who better to speak to than TE Connectivity and discover just how they help to make the smart home smart.

There are many benefits to be had with smart home technology, from simple conveniences like voice-activated control to energy monitoring and efficiency control. But have you ever considered that each room, or space within your home needs to be considered differently? Well, TE Connectivity has, for example, the components used within products in the living room may not be suitable for integrating within the laundry room due to vibration and condensation. The integrity of devices to work repeatedly relies on high-performance connectivity, but care must also be given to ensure the right components are specified. Whether wired or wireless connectivity is employed, TE can support you with a portfolio to match your needs. 

Attached you'll find the TE Connectivity guide for smart home applications. This is matched to specific areas in the home and you'll be able to view recommended products for each.

Similarly, you can quickly view suitable products for each home area using the links below.


Living room



RS stocks a comprehensive range from TE Connectivity. To view our full portfolio, enter, TE Connectivity,  into the search on your local RS site.

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