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Hello everyone, I hope you all are doing great. It's my first article on this platform and I will try my best to provide good material to the readers. If you have any problem then you can ask in comments and I will try my best to resolve them.

In today's tutorial, I am going to give an Introduction to Atmega328. Atmega328 is an Atmel microcontroller, which is used in Arduino UNO board. Here's its image:


Here are few of its features:

  • Atmega328 has 28 pins in total.
  • It has 3 Ports in total which are named as Port B, Port C and Port D.
  • Port C is an analogue Port and it has six pins in total. So, in simple words, ATmega328 has 6 analogue pins.
  • Port B and Port D are digital ports and have 7 pins each.
  • So, in total ATmega328 has 14 digital pins.
  • It also supports Serial Communications, we can perform serial communication via Pin # 2 (RX) and Pin # 3 (TX).
  • It also supports SPI Protocol.
  • It needs a crystal oscillator for generating the frequency. You can use crystal oscillator ranging from 4MHz to 40 MHz.
  • Arduino UNO board uses 16MHz crystal oscillator.

Here's an image showing its internal configuration:


Image Source: Introduction to Atmega328

So, that was all about Atmega328. I hope you will like my first effort and I will keep on posting more articles on Arduino and Atmega328. Thanks for reading. Have fun !!! :)