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Ask The Expert - Terminal Blocks and Solderless Terminals

When we talk about reliability in the world of connectors, most people naturally imagine the kind of high reliability products that you might find in aerospace or high-performance applications. But the fact is that anybody who designs electronic devices needs products that they can rely on, even in demanding applications.

There are families of connectors that might not represent the cutting edge of the latest technology, but they have an enviable track record when it comes to reliability and performance across a range of industries. These are terminal blocks and solderless terminals.

These products have been around for more than 70 years, a testament to their reliability and ease of use. They have been used in thousands, or even millions, of different applications around the world, and they have been in use for a very long time. They are also very cost effective, which makes them hugely attractive.

In our latest Ask the Expert video, I was joined by Greg Farnsworth and Chip Walsh of Molex to talk about how terminal blocks and solderless terminals continue to deliver reliable and robust solutions even in the latest industries. We talked about the techniques that make them so easy to use, and we also looked to the future. There are always new innovations, even with connectors as familiar as these, and Greg and Chip were able to give us an idea of how Molex develops new features to keep terminal blocks and solderless terminals relevant to the latest generation of engineers.

From high temperature insulators that are suitable for the latest automated manufacturing techniques, to field-installable products that can be used without the need for complex or expensive tooling, the latest terminal blocks and solderless terminals continue to deliver reliability across the electronics industry. Join our conversation as I chat to Chip and Greg and learn more about Molex solutions.

For even more information, visit the RS Components website, or download Molex’s guide to Solderless Terminals here.

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