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The latest innovations in high-speed communications technology are very much in the news and with it, the demand for connectivity is growing. Applications including the smart factory, autonomous vehicles and the growth of both AI and edge computing are all driving the need for new solutions. When looking at high-speed communications, the transmission medium plays a key role in signal integrity.

To create high-speed communications with superior signal integrity, the electronics world depends on the quality of the connections that need to be made. Join me as I talk to Gavin Chen from Amphenol CS about a wide range of topics related to signal integrity. We look at how connector design is so essential to SI, the recent trends in high-speed communications, and how Amphenol is solving the latest challenges.

Connector Geek is Dave in real life. After three decades in the industry, Dave still likes talking about connectors almost as much as being a Dad to his two kids. He still loves Lego too. And guitars.