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Ask The Expert - Flat Flexible Circuits with Molex

The printed circuit board (PCB) has been a familiar part of the electronics industry for decades. When traditional rigid PCBs are joined together, they frequently use fixed pin and socket connectors. However, for modern miniaturised designs, fixed connectors are simply not adaptable enough to solve some of today’s design challenges.

Molex has developed Premo-Flex, a range of flat flexible cables (FFCs) for board-to-board connections in modern applications. Premo-Flex offers a broad range of solutions, with pitches from 0.25mm to 2.54mm for the ultimate in high-density connectivity.

The Premo-Flex family includes a range of off-the-shelf cables for durable and extra-flexible PCB connections. Coupled with Molex Easy-On One-Touch Connectors, these FFCs save board space and provide highly secure terminations for demanding applications. Premo-Flex FFCs are the natural successor to ribbon cables, providing the same board-to-board connectivity whilst offering a host of additional advantages for the modern designer.

To discuss this technology, I was recently joined by David Falla and Sobin Horaoka from Molex. We talked about the advantages of FFCs, and how engineers can select the right solution for their application.

Watch now as we dive into the world of FFCs, and take a look at the Premo-Flex and Easy-On product solutions on the RS website.

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