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The industrial world has always proved to be an unforgiving place for electronics. From the tough conditions of the factory floor to the latest 5G communications architecture, connectors have always been at the forefront of the battle to keep industry working.

When faced with such demanding applications, engineers and designers need connectors that they can rely on. The growth of the Internet of Things and its industrial equivalent, Industry 4.0, has seen sophisticated electronics become an everyday element in the architecture of the factory environment. This means that designers have even greater needs for power, data and signal connectivity that delivers both the reliability and performance that is vital for industrial users.

For decades, Brad has been synonymous with industrial connectors. The name Brad has itself become a shorthand for a dependable connector that will work in the toughest conditions. Brad has since become part of the Molex family of connector products, but it remains a name that engineers can rely on. Even with the rapid changes brought about by the latest innovations in the smart factory, Brad has remained at the forefront of connector development.

In our recent Ask the Expert interview, I asked guest Jeff Barnes of Molex what it was that made Brad products such a popular solution for installers across such a wide range of industries. The latest innovations, including the L-code M12 and the latest Ultra-Lock 2.0, are keeping the Brad range at the heart of industrial connectivity.

Join Jeff and me as we talk in more detail about Brad solutions

The Brad range is still very much a key part of the RS industrial product range. RS has expanded its range of Brad products to include the latest solutions for the industrial installer and design engineer. Here are some of the highlights:

The complete Brad range
Ultra-Lock quick-release connectors

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