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A Trio of Contacts

Trim Trio – Trio Contacts, Trio Series

Trim Trio offers the Engineering Team the ability to control cost along with design flexibility and common components

Trim Trio – Three Contacts, Three Connector ranges, ability to inter-change with minimum effort!

Souriau’s Trim Trio contacts offer three options, depending on your need to balance cost and functionality.

Trio Contacts:
Stamped and Formed Contacts, where cost or high volume is critical without sacrificing capability
Various cable sizes to handle various electrical requirements at a low cost
Machined Contacts
Where robustness and tighter tolerances are required and flexibility for multiple wire sizes
High Speed Contacts
Where high speed data is required, in Coax and Fiber Optic

Trio Connectors:
Circular Bayonet Connectors:
UTS – Where cost control is critical, sealing requirements are high (IP68/69K), and UV protection is a necessity, the ultimate solution
UTG – Where the low cost of plastic is blended with the robustness of metal, providing the best mixed solution
UTO – When a metal connector is a necessity to achieve shielding, robustness and higher mating cycles without paying the high price of technology, UTO is the right solution
Rectangular Connectors
SMS – Rectangular solution utilizing the Trim Trio contact ranges
SMS-IP – Rectangular solution where higher IP ratings are required, along with low
Low smoke requirements
Push Pull Connectors
UTL – Ease of use for quick, secure installation
Lower total cost of installation with quick “push” and click to install and quick
“Pull” by detent of the lever and disconnecting
IP68/69K sealing and UV resistant
Simplex and Duplex DMX capability

For the Engineer, the contacts and connectors are interchangeable, allowing the designer to save cost on inventory, to mix the design, and find the right solution using common components from the Trim Trio range. No special tooling is required, and in many cases the same panel cutout sizes are interchangeable


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