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Circular connectors are great!  They're robust, compact and easy to waterproof.  However, they can sometimes be a little tricky to use.  What you might need is the convenience of a push-pull connector with the security of a bayonet locking design.  Well, such a connector exists in the shape of the HR34B series from Hirose.  Let's take a look...


The HR34B combines a simple push-on mating process with a more traditional bayonet un-mating mechanism.  The connector is designed to lock simply by pushing the plug until the user hears a click, which is combined with tactile feedback, giving confirmation that the plug is locked.  To un-mate the connector, the user simply twists the sleeve of the plug  and pulls.  The connectors are marked with clear white arrows, making it easier for the user to visually line up the plug for mating.

In this way, the connector enjoys the benefits of a bayonet locking system - mechanical security, vibration resistance and positive sealing - whilst providing the simple operation of a push-pull design.  

This is especially useful in field applications.  The HR34B series is sealed to IP68, meaning that it will be used in challenging conditions.  In these situations, the users may well be wearing protective gloves which can make using traditional circular connectors difficult.  The push-to-mate, twist-to-unmate design of the HR34B eases this problem, and the clear alignment marks allowing easier use in low-light or hard to reach areas.

The cable mounted plugs are available in straight or right angled designs and feature an integral strain relief for easy assembly onto the cable.  The right-angled version is especially useful, as the cable exit can be rotated to any of eight positions making installation easier in confined areas.  

The HR34B from Hirose represents a very unusual design that combines two tried and trusted mechanisms to make a user-friendly, versatile and secure connector that is perfect for use in demanding applications.  Take a look at the HR34B connector series on the RS website today, and see how it might just be solution you were looking for...



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