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A Look into Today’s Trends and Opportunities for HVAC

With today’s environmental focus, we are continually investigating ways in addressing energy and clean air issues, to provide a more healthy and sustainable future, with one area of particular focus being HVAC.

HVAC systems, along with maintaining a comfortable temperature and humidity levels, also filter and clean indoor air, so providing a healthier environment, whilst the drive on more energy efficient systems which look to help address climate change and decarbonization issues.

According to market research ‘Energy-efficient system advancements are fuelling the significant growth of the global HVAC market. With recorded sales of approximately $241 billion in 2020, HVAC is projected to reach more than $300 billion by 2026.’

In the following webinar and download we take a look into today’s trends and opportunities for HVAC along with a focus on Sustainability, Reliability & Efficiency:


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