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A buck-boost DC/DC converter that helps to extend battery life

Battery-powered electronics such as mobile devices, wearable devices, and IoT devices are in use all around us. To extend the battery life of these devices, we need to lower their power consumption. ROHM has responded to this demand with high-efficiency, ultra-low power consumption power management ICs: the BU33UV7NUX for boost and the BD70522GUL for buck. In addition, we have now added the BD83070GWL for buck-boost devices to the lineup.

Features of the BD83070GWL Buck-Boost DC/DC
(Feature 1: High efficiency)
Equipped with our proprietary X Ramp PWM control, which enables seamless buck-boost conversion, this product operates at 90% efficiency or above under all conditions, from light-loads during standby to heavy-loads during operation. This contributes to longer battery life.

(Feature 2: Ultra-low power consumption)
By utilizing ROHM's analog technology for low current consumption, the buck-boost power management IC enables industry-leading power consumption of just 2.8 µA.

BD83070GWL (Click here to purchase)

ROHM provides comprehensive support and makes it easy for customers to purchase parts on the web through online distributor RS Components.

(About ROHM) "R" represents the first letter of our original main product, Resistors. This was put together with the unit for resistance "ohm". The "R" now also stands for "Reliability". "Quality First" is ROHM's corporate policy.

2 Sep 2019, 14:34