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8 Design Tips for Power Inductors

Making the selection of Power Inductors Easier

Würth Elektronik have published a practical guide to make it easier to select the right power inductor for DC/DC converters.

The 8 tips contained within this design guide include a wide range of considerations critical to the selection of inductors, from the definition of the right core material for your frequency to the comparison of inductance with ripple current. When used in conjunction with theComponent Selector from Würth Elektronik, this guide provides an invaluable tool for the Electronics Design Engineer.

In addition to the Component Selector itself, Würth Elektronik have also provided a number of tutorial videos to get you started. The tool will allow the engineer to choose the right component, and then give them access to the full suite of technical information critical to the design process.

Take a look at the Design Guide here:

Würth Elektronik products are available from RS Components. Click here to take a look at the extensive range:


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