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600V SJ MOSFETs Contribute to Greater Energy Savings in Inverter-Equipped Sets

Of the total power demand worldwide, it is believed that close to 50% is used for motor drive, and the trend in recent years towards greater energy-saving performance is accelerating the need to minimize power consumption. ROHM’s Super Junction MOSFET (PrestoMOS™) has been well-received in the industry for achieving significant energy savings when adopted as the switching element of inverter circuits for motors.

PrestoMOS™ Series of SJ MOSFETs

‘Presto’ used in ROHM’s PrestoMOS™ series denotes an Italian musical term meaning ‘very fast’. Standard MOSFETs provide advantages such as high switching speed and low conduction loss in the low current region.

For example, in the case of air conditioners, they are effective in reducing power consumption during steady state operation.

PrestoMOS™ is ROHM’s original power MOSFET characterized by fast reverse recovery time (trr) that contributes to lower power consumption in the low current region. ROHM began producing the PrestoMOS™ series in 2012 and has recently commercialized the 3rd generation lineup that provides greater design freedom.

R60xxJNx Series 3rd Generation PrestoMOS™ Features

1. Optimized parasitic capacitance reduces unintended gate voltage during switching by 20%. In addition, the specialized design makes it difficult for self turn-ON to occur by increasing the threshold voltage for turning ON the MOSFET by 1.5x. This expands the loss adjustment range due to gate resistance and other factors.

2. We were able to improve the soft recovery index by 30% over conventional products and succeeded in reducing noise while maintaining the industry’s fastest reverse recovery time (trr). This facilitates noise adjustment (i.e. via gate resistance).


Ideal for a variety of applications, including sets requiring high-efficiency motor drives such as home appliances and EV charging stations.

R6020JNx (Click here to purchase)

ROHM provides comprehensive support and makes it easy for customers to purchase parts on the web through online distributor RS Components.

(About ROHM) "R" represents the first letter of our original main product, Resistors. This was put together with the unit for resistance "ohm". The "R" now also stands for "Reliability". "Quality First" is ROHM's corporate policy.

26 Apr 2019, 11:31