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10 Piezo tips by Sonitron!

Learn more about piezo sound components by considering the 10 piezo tips from a piezo expert. These 10 piezo tips will help you understand the different piezo technologies, the definition of piezo and the differences with electrodynamic components...

Sonitron has become the leading European manufacturer of piezo ceramic audible components. Further research, intensive development, and specialist know-how ended in a wide range of high quality and reliable products from the smallest and most cost-effective buzzers to the most highly sophisticated alarms. This allows us to meet the needs of many different applications, such as industrial, consumer and military applications.

8 Jan 2019, 16:38


January 9, 2019 08:59

Thank you Sonitron - and Sarah - for this nice overview video. It's great for those of us who are starting out or still getting to grips with the technicalities. Thanks for sharing :o)

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