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Being an engineer in a small business can be a challenge.  One day you might be designing the latest generation of your company’s product range, and the next you are battling to fix the ventilation system on the production line.

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As a result, every engineer needs different tools for different tasks.  This is just as true for software tools as it is for more conventional equipment. To help the hard-working engineer at different stages of the design process, DesignSpark delivers a range of software tools. Whether you are looking for a circuit simulator to gain valuable insight into your design concept or a professional 3D modelling tool to finalise your prototype, DesignSpark provides a suite of solutions.

The Explorer subscription lets you get to grips with all the DesignSpark tools and start to learn. When the time comes to dive deeper into their features, the Creator and Engineer subscription options deliver greater functionality at an excellent monthly cost. You can take advantage of our 7-day trial to check out the advanced features to make sure you know which subscription level is perfect for you.

Possibly the most important feature? You can pause your subscription whenever you need to.  Maybe your latest project is delayed, or an urgent requirement has changed your priorities. In either case, you only need to pay for the tools when you need them.

Who knows, you may even be on holiday…

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