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Wiring the Internet of Things with Intel Edison and Node-RED

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May 14, 2021 13:46

i tried to usue NoteRed to my Intel Edison from Your tutorial, but when i used command npm install i get the message about errors. I dont know what should I do. I would like to ask for your help. Below I am sending a message from putty.

Yours faithfully

i get a lot of message like this:
npm WARN unmet dependency /home/root/node-red-1.3.4/node_modules/mqtt/node_modul es/help-me/node_modules/callback-stream requires readable-stream@'> 1.0.0

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November 1, 2019 08:55

hi , i need help how can i control led 'on and off" from remote node red to raspberry because i use mqtt but i can't use gpio (led pin) to do it so can you help me please ???

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[Comment was deleted]

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