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Winning Combination - 48V Position Control Solution

The demand for smaller size and higher efficiency has seen increased use for BLDC motor applications. Key building blocks for motor control circuits include MOSFET driver, voltage regulators, versatile MCUs for control algorithms. This winning combination from Renesas covers a typical 48V precision control application.

Key Features:

  • Ultra-low power MCU
  • High speed wake up time 4µs
  • Integrated 12-bit ADC with op-amp and comparator
  • High accuracy cell balancer and monitor with customer programmable EEPROM


  • Factory automation
  • Robotics


Product type Product Description Document Design Asset RS stock no
MCU RX24T 32-bit MCU 80MHz, 2.7 to 5.5v, built-in FPU Datasheet footprint_pcb_3D7_47c4b06d7e9c7fa90903025b939fa4589ab5465a.jpg (188-4276)
RS-485 Transceiver ISL3156E High VOD: 3.1v into RD = 54Ω, up to 512 transceivers on the bus Datasheet footprint_pcb_3D8_47c4b06d7e9c7fa90903025b939fa4589ab5465a.jpg (193-1512)
Voltage Supervisor ISL88011

Dual voltage supervisor with monitoring or watchdog timer Capability

Gate Driver HIP4086 80V, 500mA, 3-Phase Motor driver Datasheet (921-5775)
Level Shifter ISL33002

I2C Bus Buffer with Rise Time Accelerators and Hot Swap Capability

LDO ISL80505

High accuracy 5V/500mA LDO

Datasheet (121-7270)
Switching Regulator ISL8117

60V Synchronous Step-Down PWM Controller with wide Vin –Vout range

Datasheet (121-7272)
Switching Regulator ISL85415

Wide VIN 500mA Synchronous Buck Regulator

Datasheet (121-7279)
Op Amp ISL28148

Single and Dual Precision Rail-to-Rail Input-Output Op Amps with Very Low Input Bias Current

Datasheet (193-1510)
Digital Power Monitor ISL28023 High voltage Digital power monitor  with very small gain error Datasheet (121-7249)


Please note not all stock is currently available, more will be available in the coming days.

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