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what protocols does industry 4 use is there a standard to follow for its introduction



December 2, 2019 14:05

Hi Mark,
could you please explain what specifically you are asking about when using the term "industry 4"? Leonie has given you a link to several wireless IoT technologies. But industry 4.0 is generally used for a variety of changes in industry. IIoT is just one aspect of it and wireless technologies are not the core of industry 4.0. When talking about wireless technologies in the automation industry, G5 is the most promising candidate to make the race although others like IO-Link wireless are also extremely powerfull.
When talking about protocols you must distinguish communication on the shop floor from communication between the gateway and the cloud. On the shop floor there have been used and will be used lots of protocols like Profinet, Profibus, Modbus, CanOpen, EtherCAT, and so on. For the future, most likely TSN ("Time Sensitive Networking") as level 2 protocol for Ethernet will make the race and allow higher level protocos like EtherCAT to run on such a network.
When talking about cloud connections, ther will always be the internetprotocol involved. On the Application layer, there are mainly 2 protocols which are typically used for industrial cloud communication and IoT: One is OPC/UA and the other is MQTT. The first one comes with an open design for expansions and adds meta data to the metrics. The second one is easy and fast and thus the perfect choice for small embedded systems with limited resources. IBM, AWS and Azure clouds currently prefer to use MQTT.
Hope this anwers your question. if not, please ask more specific and detailed.

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November 28, 2019 08:28

Hi Mark, I know this is IoT more than IIoT, but it might give you a starting point: You could also check out this article: I'll put a shout out on our weekly newsletter to ask DesignSpark members for some advice on this topic.

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