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What is Keysight BenchVue and Test Flow?

BenchVue is a software platform for the PC that allows users to easily connect, record, and achieve results across multiple test and measurement instruments with no programming.  Plug and play functionality enables you to connect your instrument to your PC and immediately begin controlling it in BenchVue. Test Flow is a new application inside of BenchVue that provides an easy method to create custom test sequences using a drag-and-drop interface.


Imagine multiple test instruments spread out all across the room, with wires running across every available surface. Adjustments have to be made on each instrument, and figuring out how to carefully navigate through the mess to press a variety of buttons is not an uncommon task. Each interface is different, so getting the data into your PC can be even harder. If you are a frequent user of measurement instruments, this probably sounds familiar. BenchVue is designed to help you be more productive by providing the most common instrument tasks in an intuitive PC interface, allowing you to focus on the real characterisation task of your device under test. BenchVue consolidates multiple types instruments into one software platform so that they can be viewed and controlled simultaneously. Each instrument type is its own BenchVue app, allowing you to customise your BenchVue software.

Data can be easily captured and exported in the desired format, and experiments can be saved for future use. In addition, the bench can be controlled from a mobile device so users can monitor lengthy experiments from a distance.

BenchVue software running a Spectrum Analyser, DMM, Oscilloscope, and Function Generator

In addition to BenchVue, a new integrated application named Test Flow has been introduced that simplifies the data collection process. Instead of having to run multiple tests for repetitive experiments, Test Flow provides a drag-and-drop interface that allows users to easily create custom test sequences without having to write a single line of code. This saves precious time and allows individuals who do not know instrument programming languages to be able to run detailed tests.


Test Flow application in BenchVue, showing a sample sequence with a DMM and Function Generator

Key Features of BenchVue

  • Every download of BenchVue includes five essential apps; Digital Multimeter, Function Generator, Oscilloscope, Power Supply, and BenchVue Test Flow. Each of these apps are designed for you to easily control your instrument with a consistent interface no matter the model that you own.
  • Simply plug in your instrument via USB, LAN, or GPIB and BenchVue will allow you to start controlling the instrument in moments.
  • Easily capture screenshots, log data, and export to common data types such as .csv, Microsoft Excel or Word, or Matlab.
  • The BenchVue software platform allows for flexibility. This enables Keysight to upgrade individual apps and add capability for your instruments without needing to upgrade everything.
  • BenchVue has instrument control applications for Keysight digital multimeters, oscilloscopes, data acquisition units, signal analyzers, power supplies, function generators, network analysers, electronic loads, power analysers, signal generators, FieldFox handheld analysers, and more!



New technology is constantly being developed to save time, enhance results, and benefit society. Keysight strives to create these new technologies to help engineers to achieve their goals; and  BenchVue software with the Test Flow application does just that. With BenchVue, engineers are now able to run experiments more quickly and produce results that are easily formatted. Test Flow eliminates the need for programming to run sequences and offers a user friendly interface to create these test sequences instead. Using BenchVue and Test Flow, time will be saved and even greater advances can be made within electrical engineering.

For more information about BenchVue or Test Flow, please watch the video provided below, or visit

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21 Jun 2016, 16:08