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One of Wera’s exciting developments is a range of tools that hold the fastener:

Wera Holding Function:

In many situations, simply getting a fastener in place is a task all on its own. Many people have learnt ways of limiting the possibilities of losing or dropping the fastener; like a blob of grease on the tip. A piece of tape on a spanner or even magnetism. These are all helpful tips, but not a complete solution.

Wera Torx Holding Function (123-0831) :

Wera have altered the geometry of the Torx profile to enable the tip to securely hold a Torx screw –

These are available in Screwdriver Bits, Standard and Micro Screwdrivers:


Wera Holding Function Sockets:

Wera have recently introduced a range of sockets with a holding function, these are available in In-Torx HF, In-Hex HF and an HF Socket.

  • Wera In-Torx Holding Function Sockets (123-0525) :

Using the patented technology they already use on their screwdrivers and screwdriver bits, the In-Torx HF Socket securely holds the fastener allowing the user to reach down and position the fastener without the risk of losing it. 


  • Wera In-Hex Holding Function Sockets (123-0524) :

Using Wera’s patented Hex-Plus feature they have added a small ball bearing to the hex tip which holds the fastener. Hex-Plus prevents wear inside the hexagon socket screws. Hex-Plus provides larger contact zones in the screw head thus reducing the notching effect to a minimum and protecting the profile.



Wera Holding Function Spanners (788-7110) :

Joker Ratchets are now available in an Offset Switch and Double Open End.

The Joker’s unique features include a holding function, a limit stop, 30⁰ return angle for restricted access, anti-slip reinforced jaw and an ultra-fine high torque ratchet end.

The holding function means nuts and bolts can be held in the jaw and easily positioned where they are needed. The stop plate holds the nut, eliminating the need to use your thumb as a depth stop. The stop plate also has teeth to grip a locked or broken nut and the jaw has been reinforced to stop any risk of spreading, ensuring easier and safer releasing of the fastener. The double hex jaw allows a 30 degree return angle rather than the 60 degrees a standard offset spanner needs, therefore is ideal in tight spaces. On the ratchet end an ultra-fine 80 tooth mechanism has been designed to also be exceptionally strong allowing high torque transmission capabilities. Made from high-performance chrome-molybdenum steel for strength and high corrosion protection due to the nickel-chrome coating. This also provides a longer service life and high resistance to wear.

Wera Tools are a global screwdriving specialist. For over 80 years they have used their inventive nature to create screwdriving tools to help the user work easier and safer and faster. Their unique high quality tools are used in many trades & industries but are also popular with people serious about their DIY and various hobbies.

Wera operate in over 120 countries and have over 400 patents across their range 4,000+ tools. This makes Wera a true global innovator.

With a background in electronics and electrical engineering, with a keen eye on innovation and how things work.