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valentine PCB decorated presents


During Christmass holiday, I came across so many PCB decorated presents and santas. Now that valentine is approaching, am also thinking of having such a project too. Am thinking of having flowers that are PCB decorated. I belive some of us have ever thought of such an Idea. Is it really posible? The colour of evrything should be red as it signifies the valenine's day colours.

let me drop this christmass eve sant PCB that someone else did so that we can have an idea of what am trying think about:

Mini christmas wreath PCB - Share Project - PCBWay

Am just thinking of something like flexible PCBs makng this project successful. The reason am thinking of the flexible PCB is because they are flexible and they can maybe give us the flowering appearance. For the newbie on flexible PCB, let us try checking it here:

What is Flexible PCB? Definition, Material & Manufacturing - The Engineering Projects

I will appreciate your contributions. Thanks!

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