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Upgrade is exactly downgrade!


I am an old user of DSE. I created a lot of projects that are more that 3 page and up to 15 pages. But last month, I  was not able to login and use the software. I tried different methods but failed. I finally reinstalled the software of the newest version that I download on the rs website. But the project that I had created will never be able to be opened due to having more that 3 pages. Later, I accidently discovered that I had a 2018 version of the installation file that I had beckup on my harddisk. I installed the 2018 version and spend a lot of time to create empty projects and import the old projects to replace these empty projects. It worked okay for about one mouth. But today I encounter the login issue again!

It is unfair and disgrace that RS do this to the customers. I think they should as least let the old customer use the projects that they had created before they had upgraded (it is exactly and absolutely a downgrade) the version.