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Twido controller phase out - Schneider Electric recommends Modicon M221


Modicon M221 will replace established Twido controllers in 2016 

The preparation of the Twido phase out actually started some years ago when the Schneider Electric developers thought about a new logic controller range with latest technology to meet the requirements of the Industry 4.0 trend. As a result of this they presented the Modicon M221 compact controller in August 2014 which pairs with the simplicity of the Twido controllers but provides improved performance, openness and modularity for machines and hardwired controller architectures. With the SoMachine Basic software Schneider Electric also introduced a new software platform which allows easy transfer of existing Twido programs to Modicon M221. SoMachine Basic allows intuitive machine programming with ready-to-use applications and function blocks. Next year, Schneider Electric will begin phasing out Twido controllers and their TwidoSuite software.

Please read below what Schneider Electric recommends to customers who are affected by this.

In addition to the standard format Modicon M221 is also available in an extremely compact book format which allow machine builders to safe space in control cabinets. With 200 ns by instruction the controller is that fastest in its class, making it suitable for applications typically not possible in this category. An integrated Ethernet interface allows easy integration into bigger communication systems. Programming via the USB / serial interface is part of the standard as well as a pulse / direction interface for connecting servo drives.

Update from Schneider Electric - July 2016

Schneider just announced: Customers need to swap to M221 quickly as end of life for Twido is December 2016 - so only 6 months remaining. Even though some distributors, like RS Components will be still in the position to offer Twido for some more months it is strongly recommended to think about a change as soon as possible - especially when thinking about new projects.

To make the change as simple as possible Schneider Electric has now released a Withdrawal Document that explains the different steps to replace the old hardware and convert the programming code to the latest SoMachine Basic software.

Find out more about Modicon M221 at RS Components

Get started with the Modicon M221 / Magelis HMI bundle available at RS (846-4695)