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11 Jul 2019, 7:43

TRACO POWER - Reliable Solutions for Complex Systems

From Switzerland for the world: The TRACO POWER brand is already established as a leading supplier of industrial power supplies and the company’s future emphasis will focus increasingly on the highly demanding sectors of medical and railway/transport technology as well as the development of customer-specific power supply solutions.

Now, customers can download a new, electronic brochure (SEE ATTACHED) which explains quickly and easily which devices are suited to specific industrial and medical applications.


Power supply units for industrial applications are subject to the highest quality standards. Therefore, TRACO POWER products comply with the current international safety standards and are primarily used in control & automation - even in rough and demanding environments. Besides a selection of standard products for the industry TRACO POWER also develop solutions for customer-specific requirements. Aside from mechanical applications, these also entail electrical performance features and approvals that are optimized to meet all necessary requirements.


Laser surgery, operation robots or endoscopes: The TRACO POWER power supply solutions are ideally suited for any situations that require the highest reliability with a limited amount of available space. When developing medical devices, special emphasis is placed on the protection of both the patient and the operator. Therefore, the uncompromising reliability of all components is of particular importance. TRACO POWER’s carefully developed products meet all-important medical safety standards, thereby ensuring the protection of the patient in accordance with MOPP (Means of Patient Protection) as well as the medical personnel in accordance with MOOP (Means of Operator Protection).


  • Wide-ranging portfolio of AC/DC power supplies (5 to 800 watts) and DC/DC converters (1 to 30 watts)
  • Certified according to IEC/EN/ES 60601-1 (medical electrical devices, 3rd edition) and IEC/EN/ES 60601-1-2 (EMC for medical devices, 4th edition)
  •  Risk management according to ISO 14971 (including product-oriented Risk Management File)
  • Design and production according to ISO 13485
  • Quality Management System
  • 5-year warranty


Heat or cold, shock and vibration as well as dust: DC/DC converters in the transportation sector are subject to severe stress. TRACO POWER products impress with their safety, longevity, and quality. Their DC/DC converters are used in various areas of the railway and transportation technology sector, including door openers, air conditioning, communications gear, or in the controls of drives, brakes, switches and signal systems. Since all relevant standards have been covered, TRACO POWER products can also be used for applications in other harsh or dangerous environments.


  • Wide-ranging portfolio of heavy-duty DC/DC converters with 3 to 300 watts
  • Certified according to EN 50155 (electronic devices in railway vehicles)
  • Qualified according to EN 45545-2 (fire protection in rail vehicles)
  • Galvanic isolation up to 3,000 VAC
  • Vibration and shock (EN 61373) and EMV (EN 50121-3-2)
  • Temperature range –40 °C to 85 °C

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11 Jul 2019, 7:43


October 9, 2019 08:04

Here the links for downloading the highres files:

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