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Thermal spokes not working on copper pour


I have an issue with the copper pour functionality in DesignSpark PCB. I have 2 SM diodes that both have the cathode connected to a row of vias, these vias bringing through 24V from the top copper to the bottom copper. The attached file shows the diodes, vias and copper pour area along with the settings for thermal relief. All pad and via nets to be connected by the plane are set to +24V, along with the net of the copper pour itself. There is plenty of space around the pads to allow the set spoke size to be created. However, when I pour the copper, no spokes are created and it throws up a connection error. I am not sure what is causing this. I can workaround it by setting pad exceptions to isolate from the plane and adding in spokes manually, but would like to do it properly. Has anyone come across this issue previously? Is there something simple I'm missing?

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