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The Student Project Fund 2022 SA - Winners Announced

Student Project Fund Winners

For the first year of the Student Project Fund South Africa, we are delighted to announce the Winners of this year's competition.

The Student Project Fund is helping Engineering students to elevate their projects through hands-on prototyping and experimentation as we believe the practical skills to be key skillsets for young engineers' education journey. We continue to inspire students to develop innovations that may change the world.

The Grass Roots Student Project Fund received applications from across South Africa - all entrants will be offered an exclusive opportunity to enhance their professional profile, supporting their professional development using DesignSpark platform with the support from RS Grass Roots.

The winners of the Student Project Fund will be provided with up to R5000 in RS Components, tools and components to help them bring their projects to life! You will be hearing a lot from the winners in the coming months as they share the journey of their projects on DesignSpark - as part of their commitment to the Student Project Fund.

The Winners

Nikhil Bejrajh - University of Cape Town

Kai Goodall - University of Cape Town

Pitambar Jankee - University of Cape Town

Grass Roots works with DesignSpark, RS Components and other members of the Electrocomponents group to support the development of young engineers around the world!
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