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The Designs and Implementation of a Self-powered Water Smart Meter

This project is the design and build of a prototype of a self-powered smart water meter for my university degree. This project focuses on using renewable energy on a small scale to power a smart meter.

Parts list

Qty Product Part number
1 G1&2" Water Flow Sensor Enclosure from Cool compoments SKU 3522
1 Micro Water Turbine - Hydroelectric Generator (DC-12V) with G1/2'' Thread from Cool Components SKU 3681
1 16X2 LCD display with header pins pre-soldered from eBay N/A
1 Arduino, Uno Rev 3 SMD 7697409
3 SAD-101, Breadboard Solderless Breadboard 83 x 52 x 9mm 1892277
1 Duracell 150mAh NiMH 9V Rechargeable Battery 4725517
1 MIKROE-513, 10 piece Breadboard Jumper Wire Kit 7916463
2 Bourns 10kΩ Rotary Potentiometer 1-Gang, Panel Mount (Through Hole), 3310P-001-103L 6916885
1 Texas Instruments, 1.2 → 37 V Linear Voltage Regulator, 1.5A, 1-Channel, Adjustable 3-Pin, TO-220 LM317T/NOPB 5338209
1 Nichicon 100nF Electrolytic Capacitor 50V dc, Through Hole - UVY1H0R1MDD 8624146
1 Nichicon 10μF Electrolytic Capacitor 450V dc, Through Hole - ULD2W100MPD1TD 8508436
2 Vishay 50V 1A, Diode, 2-Pin DO-204AL 1N4001-E3/54 6288931
1 RS PRO 220Ω Carbon Film Resistor 0.5W ±5% 738-2699
1 Takachi Electric Industrial Plug in 9V Battery Contact 1756071
1 1meter PVC clear tube (18mm diameter) from eBay N/A


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