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29 Aug 2017, 8:00

Testing Connor's (age 9) Crazy Car Seat Contraption!

We run Kids Invent Stuff - the YouTube channel where 5-11 year olds can get their invention ideas built and tested by real engineers.

Last week we released a video showing how we built 9-year-old Connor’s crazy car seat contraption and this week it’s time to test it!

At the beginning of the month we picked Connor’s invention idea to bring to life for our In-Car Entertainment Challenge. We asked kids around the World for their ideas for inventions to make long car journeys more fun.


This week we road-tested Connor’s invention. The car was a lot of fun to test and definitely succeeded in making our journey more exciting.

So sit back and imagine the nearest beach resort is a five hour drive away; the sun is high in the sky, the motorway is busy and the car is hot and sweaty. Everyone’s getting bored and the kids need something - anything! - to relieve their boredom.

Enter Connor’s crazy car seat contraption, a simple but effective in-car entertainment device to inject a thrill into your holiday commute. At the push of a button you’ll feel the wind in your hair and the bugs in your teeth, enjoying the view from the roof of your car; watching the scenery shoot by, waving at truckers and screaming ‘cause you want to go faster. Because who wants to ride inside the car when you can ride 2 metres above it!

We hope you like the test and enjoy Sam’s amazing Drone footage:

We release a new invention challenge every month (we are currently looking for kids’ ideas for underwater gadgets). So if you want to see our other invention challenges and some of the other crazy things we’ve built, then check out our YouTube channel and subscribe.

Keep inventing!

Ruth & Shawn



Copy edited by Fionn Wills, Shawn Brown and Ruth Amos. Drone Footage by Sam Lord.

I'm an inventor and engineer and half of 'Kids Invent Stuff', a youtube channel that brings to life kids' invention ideas. Shawn Brown and I set a different invention challenge each month and 5-11 year olds submit their invention ideas at as picture or videos. We then choose an invention to bring to life and film the process of building and testing it. We then upload the videos to our channel

29 Aug 2017, 8:00


August 29, 2017 13:50

what a great idea to get youngsters interested in engineering. well done ruth and shawn

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October 25, 2017 09:47

@kerrieo Thank you, we are glad you like it. For our current challenge we are looking for Morning Machines