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Tech file default and libraries seem not installed

Marie Battaglia

Dear all,

When installing DesignSpark 9.0, when adding the default tech files path (Settings, Preferences, Folders, Tech files), it writes the following path: C:\Users\extcelbm\Documents\DesignSpark PCB 9.0\Technology

But when trying to find this path, it seems that it doesn't exist. 

So I tried to find a folder which name corresponds to "DesignSpark PCB 9.0" to find the Technology folder. But I can't find anything like that.

To my mind, it seems like installation went wrong, and only the software has been installed but no other files such as basic components library or project examples. 

Did someone resolved any issues like this ?

Is it possibly linked to something like administrator session on windows (which i don't have) ? 



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