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Student Project Fund Spain 2024 - Winners Announcement

Student Project Winners - Spain 2024

We are delighted to announce the 6 winners of this year's Student Project Fund - Spain!

The Student Project Fund - Spain program is supporting engineering students to advance their projects from ideas to physical solutions by leviating the cost burden to access to physical products hence allowing development of the practical skills which form a key part of a young engineer's education and career journey.

The 6 winners will be provided with a 1000€ discount on a basket of products worth 1250€ and above (terms and conditions apply).

We are excited to invite you to keep an eye out on our social pages for videos about the winners and their respective projects.

The Winners

Name  University  Project
E3Team EPSEVG Escuela Politécnica Superior de Ingenieria de Vilanova i la Geltrú (EPSEVG - UPC Vilanova) Electric Motorcycle 
UPM Motostudent Electric Technical University of Madrid Electric Motocyle (MotoStudent)
UVigo SpaceLab University of Vigo BIXO Cubesat
Hyperloop UPV Universitat Politecnica de Valencia Hyperloop UPV
Faraday Rocketry UPV Universitat Politècnica de València Faraday Rocketry UPV
ePowered RACING Polytechnic University of Catalonia (UPC) ePowered RACING


Project Summaries


At E3, the goal is to use all of the knowledge they have learned in their studies to create new electric mobility solutions and compete in the Motostudent competition.

Since the beginning, they have fervently combined our many areas of expertise, including mechanical, electrical, and design engineering, with the goal of developing a cutting-edge and successful electric motorcycle. The ability to address problems from a variety of angles thanks to their multidisciplinary approach encourages innovation, teamwork, and lifelong learning.
MotoStudent is an opportunity for the team to showcase the potential and capabilities of electric vehicles in the competitive arena by pushing the envelope in terms of design and innovation in the development of our electric motorcycles.
The team also has key priorities to address sustainability through:
  • Energy efficient parts
  • Lifecycle analysis 
  • Material selection
  • Emission reduction
  • Education and Outreach



UPM MotoStudent Electric 

A new design for an efficient powertrain is the focus of the team. Beyond building an efficient powertrain, the team has its eyes on revolutionising the industry through innovative simulation optimisation methodology. In addition to their competitive goals, making a broader impact on the industry is key to what they do. Specifically aiming to produce detailed technical notes and documentation throughout the project. These technical insights will not only serve as a comprehensive resource for our team but also contribute valuable knowledge to the wider industry.

UVigo SpaceLab

Bringing students from diverse disciplines and backgrounds to design, and manufacture the operation of small satellites to help put knowledge into practice and ensure they are work-ready is what UVigo is all about. The current development is BIXO; which will consist of 2U CubeSat with the main goal of effects of prolonged exposure to the space environment for living organisations.

UVigo SpaceLab promotes a culture of sustainability among its members, encouraging environmentally friendly practices in their daily operations. Additionally, the team is open to all cultures and genders, without any discrimination, encouraging students to be the professionals of the future.

UVigo SpaceLab

HYperloop UPV

With almost a decade of experience, Hyperloop UPV is determined to continue making improvements and explore new possibilities to turn hyperloop technology into a reality. The team exist to not only advance technology but also the skills of all team members from various disciplines.

With low power requirements and utilising existing technology in induction motors to transform hyperloop technologies, collaboration and partnerships are key drivers for making this possible. 

HYperloop UPV

Faraday Rocketry UPV

With two key main objectives on their horizon; to be the first student team in Europe to reach space and excel in all competition, the team has proven this through dedication and a previous award, the Flight Award, at 2023 EuRoC (largest student rocketry competition in Europe). 

The team aims to accelerate the development of space technology in Spain and also educate people about the space sector. Demonstrating their passion for sustainability, the work of the team aims to tackle employability and reduce waste by reuse and repurposing. 

ePowered RACING 

The team have ambitious goals of building a 100% Electric racing motorcycle which is capable of winning the MotoStudent Electric competition.

Building on previous experiences from previous generations of their electric motorcycles, a more sustainable approach has been taken into consideration to inspire a shift towards a more sustainable lifecycle of transportation.

ePowered RACING 

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