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STMICROELECTRONICS - Motion Control Innovation Beyond Ind 4.0

Motion control technology is a cornerstone for delivering successful industrial applications, as such its a big part of how industry shapes up to the present but also how it will help to shape the future. With this in mind, we caught up with Rachela Pozzi from ST to discover more about how ST approaches motion control technology and what this means in the here and now, and also the future. Listen as we talk about the technology, the products and the solutions ST have to offer industry.

Industry 4.0 is centred on data, connectivity and improvements in efficiencies of operation. This led to process improvements whilst operational costs were reduced. With improved data collection via sensors and communications through Cloud and Edge-enabled devices, plant managers and system integrators can monitor energy consumption, incorporate quality control improvements and allow for condition monitoring to ensure the integrity of operational facilities and equipment. But now with Ind 5.0 on the horizon, it's time to build out from the foundation of Ind 4.0 and through Ind 5.0 deliver three additional core elements of Human Centricity, Sustainability and Resilience.

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