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Sometimes, Small is better.

As a result of your portable devices coming down in size, so have our connectors. Today, connectors are ubiquitous, I’m sure you have one nearby.

The rise of miniature connectors has driven up design requirements for many creative engineers. You may think increasing your power means larger connectors and thicker cables, right? No. That’s where Hirose steps in.

Your product designs should be safe and provide a dependable power connection, Hirose connectors can deliver that.

The effect of space is quite subtle, and sometimes it is more obvious, but in all cases, space shapes the context for what we want to create and how we do it, even though its effect can be taken for granted. The bottom line is that space matters. It creates the framework, sets the tone, and gives off a powerful message of how technology trends are evolving.

At Hirose, we understand that space is a clear factor in developing a great product in a small frame.

While this obviously has an impact on the electronics created, it also has a significant impact on the connector technology needed to support it.

As a leading connector manufacturer, Hirose is constantly developing product offerings utilising cutting edge technology to meet the increasing miniaturisation requirements of the industry.  As devices become smaller, and many design engineers take a unique approach to design in order to bring products to the market faster, like multiple printed circuit boards (PCBs) becoming the new normal and requiring an increasing number of connectors to be engaged, providing to your specific needs becomes essential. 

1.2mm contact Pitch 

As a solution DF58 delivers power in a small frame with a contact pitch of 1.2mm, Hirose introduces the DF58 series of wire-to-board connectors. Providing a mated height minimized to 1.0 and the depth to 4.97mm to reduce the space needed on the board; this series may be miniature in size but the power rating is not comprised. A high current rating capability of 3A (using the 2 contact version with 28AWG cable) can be achieved to support small applications.

Key Features

  • Contact positions: 2, 3, 4, 6
  • Contact pitch: 1.2mm
  • Current rating: 3.0A (2 contact version: 28AWG  cable)
  • Voltage rating: AC/DC 100V
  • Mating cycles: 10
  • Cable size: AWG 28-30


A wide range of applications are suitable such as wearable devices, service robots, drones, medical devices, point-of-sale equipment, digital cameras, and many other small portable devices. 

Hirose offers a vast array of wire-to-wire, wire-to-board, and board-to-board configurations on a global scale and staying ahead means being able to understand the new trends in technology and providing the right solutions to achieve these goals. 

Hirose is here to help you accomplish all your design needs whether big or SMALL.

Read more about Hirose’s DF58 series:

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Do RS do the wired mating connectors as well?

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