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Software/Systems Engineering Projects: The Impact of having regulatory requirements on a Software project

I'm a Mentor, Non Executive Director and Consultant specialising in Software and Systems Engineering within the domains of defence and aviation. I am a Royal Society ERA Foundation Entrepreneur in Residence who works with the University of Southampton to bring commercial expertise into the University.


April 16, 2021 07:52

I don't think that you actually meant what you said:
" So, for example in a helicopter/plane, the Flight Management Software will be classed as the highest level of safety criticality as there could be loss of life if it were to fail to cause the aircraft to crash. "

I know what you meant, but ". . . as there could be loss of life if it were to fail, and cause the aircraft to crash." might be slightly more appropriate.
Please feel free to amend your text appropriately and delete my comment. It shows just how software errors, for example, can creep in.

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