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SnapEDA Symbol/Footprint File Can't Be Imported/used


Downloaded files with .dsl extension from SnapEDA, instructions say to open Library manager, use "New Library" to create and hit "save" then select appropriate tab Schematic Symbol or PCB Symbol or Component, hit "Add File", select .dsl file and select the defauly Technology File. At the "New Library" step, only .ssl files are visible, when I change to "all file" and select the .dsl file it asks "file already exists, do you want save?" and if "no" selected, no action occurs. If "save" hit, an empty backup .dsx file is created and nothing more. Continuing to the "Add FIle" step, the .dsl files are visible but selecting one and hitting "Open" does nothing, no files added to the Library contents display and no further option to select Technology File is presented. Same result for other tabs. I can find no posts on this issue either. I used SnapEDA files in v8.0 without issue.

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